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Window Shopping
Windows do more than let light and air into your house.

The shape and style can make a huge difference to the look of any home.

There are practical considerations to take into account too, such as safety and security.
Choose The Style That Suits You
Swish offers you a range of styles and formats of windows to choose from.
These include traditional outward opening casement windows which can be hinged on the left, right or at the top and inward opening 'tilt and turn' windows for added versatility.
Tilt and Turn
For improved ventilation, a 'tilt and turn' window tilts inwards, producing less draught than simply opening a window.
For ease of cleaning, the whole window can also be opened inwards.
'Tilt and turn' windows are particularly suitable for large window spaces, including patio doors, or where security shutters are fitted to the outside of the house.

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