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Our Shop
We have a shop in Lowfell

We have a small but successfull business who wish to expand into E-Commerce

Roofsmart can not be beaten!
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Fully Qualified
We are fully qualified, having been awarded the Procell Approved Installer Certificate.
Our Scaffold
All our scaffold complies with all Health and Safety specification using the Easi-Dec System which is designed to meet the requirements of tomorrow's health and safety legislation.
Image Of Our Scaffold Image Of Our Scaffold
Image Of Our Scaffold Image Of Our Scaffold
Easi-Dec developed a high-tech alternative to scaffolding in 1985 after the introduction of stringent safety laws.
Fast and Efficient
The Easi-Dec system can be easily transported and quickly errected. It is height-adjustable and comes with a large range of accessories allowing us to efficiently and safely work on the gutterings and facias of any house or apartment no matter the height or access restrictions.
Image Of Our Scaffold Image Of Our Scaffold